Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mouse One And USB Two

We are off to UK for a week in a few days time, partly to visit friends and family, and partly to finalise the production of my book "Vic's Big Walk" as a paperback. I shall be guided in this process by my good friend Peter Labrow, who is an author himself. His book "The Well" has sold very well, appropriately enough, both in paperback and e-book versions.

The little chap above, last seen in public when he was clutching the e-text of my book in his belly, is now replete with the p-text. I am sorry that I have had to dismember him to demonstrate his secret abilities.

What I have not told him is that he is not the only courier. In case he turns out to be a double agent or just a downright traitor, another copy of the text has been sent with another operative, codenamed (just between you and me) USB Two. You do realise what the consequences will be if you give that away?

The paperback will be available from Amazon by the end of June.

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